Whats in my bag

Someone asked me to do a what’s in my bag video and I replied that it will be the most plain video ever. I’m pretty low maintenance, and as far as I’m concerned there is nothing like slinging a bag over your shoulder that is light. 10 years ago I carried everything in my bag. Now I swear by “less is more”. When I dropped my bag on the floor this morning I saw the inspiration for this post. Okay its not a video but it is a what’s in my bag.

 Last time I did a what’s in my bag post was when I moved to Norway , so don’t expect any more posts any time soon. Except for credit card, sunnies and a perfume I rarely keep more inside and the only reason I sometime use tote bags is because I like them. Once in a while I also pop in there a hand cream since my hands don’t like antiseptics any more.

A while ago I bought this 10£ bag… yes you read right. 10 GBP. I found myself getting more and more into these type of pouches. I thought that before I splurge on a more expensive piece of handbag that it would make sense try something that will not cost me a fortune. Fun fact is that the 10£ bag works wonders. What do you think?

Sunnies Topshop- video coming tomorrow

Perfume here

Cardholder here

Bag here


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