Blog post from August 2017:

It is Saturday, it is sunny and we will not stay at home. 

We got in the car without any specific plan and there we were after a 40 minutes drive at our favourite place in Zealand, Hornbæk Strand.

Hornbæk is an old historic seaside resort and is part of the Danish Riviera.  A wide beach with white sand and clear waters makes me forget that we are in the North part of Europe. This is one of the most popular beaches in Denmark and an ideal spot for relaxing… a pure balm for the soul! 

A great getaway destination not far from Copenhagen here you can enjoy swimming, surfing, volleyball, mini golf facilities (I tried, I lost, it was fun and I am coming back for more), a coffee by the beach, restaurants, Hansens ice cream, shopping and a nice walk in Hornbæk town.   

“Good Vibes Happen on the Tides”



Dress Lindex

Shoes Vagabong 



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