Topshop Haul

Good morning my lovelies, or should I say good afternoon? Back to the UK means that it is time to get my YouTube game going. I have to admit I love filming the videos, I really don’t like editing them.

This is why I have given up on the YouTube game the past months. Youtube takes plenty of time. I could say to create, film and edit it can take anything from a full days work to 1,5. Am I too slow? There was really no time for all that requires to create a YouTube video. With a full time job 40 hours plus, plus the moving that took 2-3 hours of my time the past months, there was not enough time to sleep or rest let alone creating YouTube videos.

Now finally I have the time and energy to pick up my camera and get things going. Let me know which YouTube video has been your favourite so far and what you would like to see from me. Until next blogpost. Have a good one.

Love N.

For more YouTube videos HERE


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