Nikolina BlogsEverything started by not wanting a typical Bachelorette. I would not be up for gaggles of women on a mission to get as drunk as humanly possible and grope unsuspecting men. I mean that is not me, actually that has never been me. I love a good party, I love hanging out with my friends. Getting drunk and going around half drunk with a white veil… well that’s not me.

I guess bachelor parties started as an idea of “You are about to loose your freedom go crazy for a last time”. Let’s be honest if I felt I was about to loose my freedom I would not get married at all. I never imagined myself getting married anyway and freedom for me is the most important thing while being in a relationship. I was blessed enough to be raised by a very strong and independent woman, my mother, who (Thanks God!) never told me the usual phrase “When you grow older find a good man and get married”.  “Open your wings and fly” she was repeating. So how could I open my wings if I felt trapped?

Until the night that my then boyfriend, now husband, proposed, my idea was that we will not “put a ring on it”. He caught me so much by surprise that I was standing there looking at him in a total shock for something like “very long time” as he describes. I remember in all the confusion I couldn’t say a word and all I was thinking was “say something just say something”. Well I guess since he is my husband now you know what I answered.

Nikolina Blogs, Nikolinablogs, Nikolina, Petra & Fos, Nikolinablogs weddingSo are these “last nights of being single” fitting? I certainly don’t consider myself single for many years now. I made a commitment to David (that’s his name) almost as soon as we started dating. Times are changing and bachelor parties do not need to fit that mould. Hen parties are more of a fun reason to get your girls together and celebrate each other.

They could be as simple as a beautiful trip, bubbles flowing, sharing stories from the past and getting together. That could have worked perfectly fine if my girlfriends were not living in different cities, countries and continents. I have been living now in 7 different cities, 4 different countries. My girlfriends are plenty and from all over the world. Organizing a bachelorette with 20 girls would not be that possible. So from the beginning I dropped the idea and I thought I will make short trips with some of my girlfriends after the wedding during a time that would be more suitable for all of us.However my cousin, who I consider my sister and one of my best friends… had other plans…

We have decided to get married 6 months before it actually happened. Imagine my face when my now husband told me one evening “We are not postponing it any longer we are getting married this summer”. In the beginning I thought it was not even possible to plan it. I came to terms with the idea and went for it! We knew the place we wanted to have our wedding at. The whole concept was a small wedding in southern Greece, in Mani region at Petra & Fos. We and our close friends and family would combine a wedding with September holidays.

Unsuspecting of anything going on, Friday afternoon (one day before the wedding) we were relaxing by the pool of Petra, welcoming our last friends and family members to arrive. Sun was shining and I could not be happier having my beloved people gathered together in one place. Suddenly I see all of my greek girlfriends arriving with black t-shirts, hats and smiles shouting “surprise you are having a hen party”. What followed was plenty of laughter and a girls party! Thank you cousin it was the best surprise ever!