Sunday indulge Oslo Raw

I love Sundays, especially when they are sunny and bright. With the first morning sunlight waking me up at 5.30 this morning and a very heavy week behind me (workload wise) at around 10.00 this morning I was half done with the day. Nothing would keep me away though meeting a good friend of mine who I haven’t met in ages. Put my big sunglasses on in an attempt to hide my tired face and the sunshine did it’s magic!

Oslo Raw is a vegan raw and organic coffee place. They hace cakes, treats, coffee, smoothies, salads and much more.

I loved the place and I love food so since I didn’t know what to try I went with the brunch choice so I can have a taste of everything. Avocado toast, chia pudding, raw cakes and tea. I was six hours awake anyway. I loved, loved, loved this place and it is going to be my new Sunday hang out place! 5 hours later I am super full and super happy. I guess this is what happens when you eat good food!


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