Elakati (Greek: ἠλακάτη [ɨˈlakatɨ] ; English: distaff), a stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning.

Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel is a themed hotel influenced from the history of the island of Rhodes. Pieces of history, evident throughout the island were brought together to create a memorable holiday full of great experiences.

As a themed boutique hotel in Rhodes, it is represented with an emblem inspired from the Ancient Rhodian Coin dated around 408 BC. The coin featured God Helios (God of the Sun) on one side and the flower hibiscus on the other. Helios was the great God of Rhodes and hibiscus is a flower that grows in abundance on the island of Rhodes. God Helios fell in love with Rhodes, who in Greek Mythology was the eldest of the Oceanides, the nymphs of the water. According to legend, Helios offered his wife Rhodes a hibiscus on the day they were wed

We spent here the first 3 days of our holidays. Direct flight from Oslo to Rhodos lasted around 3.40 hours with Norwegian. After a quite adventurous ride from the airport to the hotel we arrived at the heart of Rhodos city.


Even though I believe that hotel & service reviews can be rather subjective and what one person likes another doesn’t, on this occasion I feel the service & the experience we received at Elakati warrants special appreciation.


Attention to detail, love for service and what they do, the hotel staff is doing everything with Meraki = to do something with all your heart, with love, with your soul, with complete devotion.


From preparing our bed during the nights, to leaving small treats to our room, from making a plan where to go and where to eat, to the warm welcome and goodbye, I felt like these people were old friends of mine.

Even though they highlight of our stay was the service, the room that we stayed met all our expectations and it was an interior design treat. Here you will sleep on nature with CocoMat beds. Spacious bedroom and living room, attention to detail in every corner, natural sponges, cotton bathrobes and my personal favourite a stone sink and music in the bathroom.

Breakfast is made by their lovely chef who is not going to help you keep the calories down. Freshly made greek spinach pies, cakes, croissants and desserts are the queens of the breakfast. If on the other hand you want to keep it sugar or gluten free, absolutely no problem, you can ask them to make for you an omelet or eat nuts, fruits and vegetables. All of course served by cold or warm coffee, tea and orange juice.

Last but not least next to the service corner local products and cuban cigars because… why not ? and if you are not up for shopping you can take one of the CocoMat bikes and ride across the city!


There is one thing sure when it comes to Elakati Boutique Hotel, we will be coming back!


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  1. Marianna
    September 3, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    Nice! I have never been to Rhodos maybe time for a visit

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