• Thursday morning vibes

    The most important spiritual growth is not felt while you are on the mat or …

  • @TuggmotstĂ„nd What Women Look Like

    When Amanda Ekström started her instagram account @tuggmotstand she had a main goal: …

  • Brunch at Amerikalinjen

    You had me at eggs Benedict and pancakes Eggs Benedict is an American brunch dish …

  • Aisha Petite Suites Chania City

    After the beautiful stay at Monastery Estate Retreat the time came to visit Chania City …

  • Travel Vibes

    • Short honeymoon at Kinsterna Hotel

      Short honeymoon at Kinsterna Hotel
    • Dreams made with Stone & Light- Petra & Fos

      Dreams made with Stone & Light- Petra & Fos
    • Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa

      Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa
    • Heaven on earth

      Heaven on earth


    My homemade rum truffles recipe has been most requested. If you want to treat yourself by making homemade healthy chocolate rum truffles you have to try this one! FYI, you can make the recipe without alcohol! Ingredients for 30 truffles…

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    I have been a Daniel Wellington fan for very long time… until I actually bought my first CLUSE watch (the rose gold in the middle) a couple of months ago. Now I have locked my DW in the drawer since I…

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    New beginnings

    New beginnings

    To make a very long story short: I have been working on a new website and during the process I managed to delete all my blog posts. The moment I realized it I got in total panic and even though…

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