Moving to Oslo

Even though I made some instagram updates, I feel that, before going forward with my happy space (talking about the blog), I should give you a quick life update. 

I started writing this blog beginning of February, where the photos below were taken… but between then and now it has been quite some time…

So what have I been doing all this time?!

I have finally moved to Oslo with my life partner! 

What a great and adventurous time this has been for us! The transition from Denmark to Norway lasted much longer than we originally anticipated! But…let’s take things from the beginning! 

We spent a week in Oslo middle of December and afterwards we flew to Greece for Christmas holidays and New Years, where we stayed long enough to recharge batteries. We also ate like there was no tomorrow… During January I welcomed my chubby self, hopefully not for long! 

We returned to Oslo beginning of January and tried to put our life in place!

So we settled things with our current apartment, which was missing furniture, mailboxes, wardrobes and plenty of other basic staff…blogpost about the apartment and photos of the interior will follow in aa new blog! (Not love though, we always have enough love in our house). 

At the same time I started an intensive Norwegian course, which consumes most of my time here. The course is that intensive ….that in 4 weeks I was able to speak more Norwegian that I ever spoke danish!  (thumbs up please!). 

Oslo! Let’s talk about Oslo!

Oslo is a winter wonderland. It is so beautiful, so beautiful I cannot put it in words. An amazing, cozy city, surrounded by forested hills and the Oslofjord. Oslo was also named European Green Capital 2019 and there is no wonder why. I believe that this is the first European Capital I have ever visited which has so many green areas! The city itself is so close to nature, giving anyone who lives here, the opportunity to ski, hike, or just be in the nature in about 20 minutes! How awesome is that? People are finishing their jobs at around 16.00 take their skis and visit the closest ski slope!

Soon I will be these people! 

Moving around in the city is so easy also! I walk from one area to another almost every time I need to go somewhere.

You are probably already thinking isn’t it too cold in Oslo to walk around? I mean temperature reached minus 18 degrees during February! As any Norwegian will tell you, there are no cold days, you just do not know how to dress properly… and it soooo true! Do I look like an onion in the photos above? Yes I am! 

Oslo is currently one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. It is definitely buzzing with energy from new neighborhoods, restaurants, fashion, music and art scenes. 

My favourite treat in Oslo is warm chocolate or coffee in one of many coffee places and a book in hand… that book has changed from being a novel to being “Norwegian for foreigners”. 

Last but not least you need to know about Oslo:

Norwegians are amazing! They are sweet and kind and helpful and they are very willing to help you with finding directions, info about what to do in the weekends, or tell you how awesome norwegian you speak even though you don’t! 

So yes we love our life here so much that we feel like home already after only 3 months!

Let’s face it Oslo… it was love at first sight!  

Even though I have no plans going full time blogging at the moment (the whole learning norwegian consumes most of my time), I will however try to update this space. What do you think of this new layout?



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