No one blogs about being tired

No one blogs about being tired. After almost 10 hours of work it is 20.30 and the day is young. People ask me how it is to live in a city with endless days during the summer. Well… Scandinavians love it. Winters are long and the absence of light is getting compensated during the summer time. I am definitely not fond of long days. Being light until 21.00 is nice but being light until 23.30 it is tiring, at least for me. Our bodies are used to go to sleep after the sunset and wake up with sunrise. Well imagine a “night ” that lasts 4 hours… Not that fun for the body…

Hair messy, face washed out, body tired, lips smiling. I wear my comfy sneakers and jeans and walk my way home. Every day I discover a small beautiful corner, a new path, a blooming tree. Small discoveries that are meaningless for others but can give such a sweet meaning to our hectic lives. We think about numbers, work and problems every day. Stress often keep us awake and we forget to appreciate the little things and see the biggest picture. We are alive and we get to choose the paths we walk and the choices we make. No one lives a perfect life. Make sure you find beautiful moments every day.

Dress J.Lindeberg, Faux Leather Jacket Zara


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    June 6, 2019 / 11:59 pm


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