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I love GRANIT, it is one of my favourite home accessories shop in Oslo where prices are reasonable and products fit my minimalistic yet naturalistic approach (does this even exist?naturalistic approach?sometimes I amaze myself) in interior and exterior design.

From their bamboo furniture to their storage boxes, from their cute tea pots to their carpets and cotton towels this place is a gem!

Now speaking about gems, have you ever tried pure green greek soap?

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I know what you are going to say, there are so many soaps out there, what is so special about green Greek soap?


My grandpa baths with natural green soap. We were trying to convince him for years to be more modern, use what we were using, but no. Except from old and stubborn he is also wise, however we thought that his love for green soap came from his stubbornness rather than his wiseness… well we were wrong. A year ago my best friend got dermatitis, her doctor recommended her to start using pure organic soaps as an antiseptic and moisturizing way to fix her problem as she did not want to use medicine. She is also vegan and does not like products that contain animal fat. She was so frustrated since the products she found were either expensive nor did much for her problem. “Try green soap” I told her, “I can bring you some from Greece, it is cheap, and very good, I think it is ecologic also but I am not sure. It is made from olives”.

On my next trip I brought back to her green greek soap. She loved it and now swears by it! Also it is indeed ecologic plus to being hypo-allergic, moisturizing and a natural disinfectant!


* This is a soap that does not contain animal fat, but olive oil.

* Its natural composition makes it hypoallergenic.

* It has excellent disinfecting properties.

* It is extremely moisturizing due to the olive oil content, you can use it to wash both skin and hair thus it does not leave skin and hair dehydrated.

* It is very soft and respects both skin and nature, since it is biodegradable. It does not affect the pH of the skin.

*Also you can use it for doing household cleaning!

So yes, these were all the reasons why I was so excited to find pure green greek soap in Oslo.

Keep hydrated while taking care of both body and environment, could this get better? Really?


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