Lockdown Fridays

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Hello my lovelies, How are you doing lately? 2 weeks of silence from my side and truth to be told I was troubled. I have spent the past 2,5 weeks of lockdown getting plenty of sleep, trying to change my eating habits (since I consumed more junk the past 2 months than I have the past 2 years), starting a mini MBA and writing my book. Also I have spent a whole day deleting followers I don’t know since I woke up one day to 1kplus people following me with some weird names. Fun fact, even though I thought I would get pretty upset about deleting everyone I don’t know why but it just made me feel lighter. So if you are reading this and you figure out that you are not on my followers list please feel more than welcome to follow me back. I have deleted so many people just by mistake because I could not check everyones profile.

I have been really torn about what to do with Youtube. Despite the fact that I have prepared my videos to be uploaded there is sth holding me back. I am getting tired of this industry of overconsumption and I wanted to take a step back and think who do I really represent? Because I do not see myself in the future as someone promoting products I don’t believe in and products that I would not normally buy but I I do so I can serve a certain industry. I am not into that. I love the contact with you. I want to keep it real. If you have an opinion about this pls comment or message me.

So 3rd Friday of lockdown and time flies. The first week was the hardest. At least for me. Now it is getting better and it looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel and it feels good. Lately I managed to get back on my yoga mat which I couldn’t get myself to do in months. I started drinking more water, eating better and I hope that I will keep the promise to myself to get better care of me. The highlight of the past weeks are the long walks in a city that is quite and serene. I discovered Birmingham to be more beautiful than I remembered and the canal or park walks are sweeping me off my feet. Autumn is still holding strong here and oh my it is gorgeous.

Me and my pink slippers wish you all a great weekend. We are almost there. And I wonder after this, will we be kinder to ourselves and to one another?


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