New beginnings

To make a very long story short:

I have been working on a new website and during the process I managed to delete all my blog posts. The moment I realized it I got in total panic and even though I sent a message to the company providing the website all my stories have flied away through the window or should I be more precise and say the internet cable? (or this is not precise?) .

 My new website was shaped and finished and I was so happy with it since I wanted a more minimalistic approach. On the other hand all the content was gone, my blogs were gone, your comments were gone, everything I worked for the past  months was… gone.

What I was actually left with were word files with texts of my blogs and photos.

I had a choice to make, whether to let it all go and start from scratch or work on the little material I had and try to incorporate the old into the new.

 So this is what I have done!

As a result I have been away for some time since I uploaded all the old material I could find. Yes all the material I could find…. I uploaded it… all over again. This is why you see blog posts from October written…. yesterday.

 Yesterday was the day that I published everything all over again!

 If you are an old reader and you are looking for an old blog and you cannot find it, it is probably because it is not there anymore.

 I have lost all the blogs and material from the Beauty & Fashion Section and plenty from my Travel & Food Section.

 However what is lost is lost and I can not do anything about it, so instead of crying over spilt milk I decided to cheer for this new journey in which I hope you will be a part of and enjoy!

 For you maybe it is a new opportunity to see the blog posts all over again or if you are new here… then just welcome! This is a positive space, full of love, journeys and experiences! Welcome on board and give this baby some love and comments and you will be hearing from me very shortly since I have a lot of new adventures to share!




Scissors : Søstrene Grene


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