Guest in my city|Clarion Hotel Oslo-Bjørvika

Whoever has moved homes between countries knows what a stressful situation is to pack your life in a truck and wave your friends goodbye. On the top of this your apartment is empty and it might take weeks until you manage to move out of the country you live in. In the meanwhile what do you do?

After sleeping many days in an empty apartment and a half-broken bed sofa (I wish life was as fancy as our blogs) the time has come to say goodbye to our old place and check in to a hotel. I never felt more grateful for sleeping in a proper bed. This gorgeous hotel in the heart of the newest area of Oslo offered us some nights of proper sleep (finally) and beautiful morning walks. With the whole city on our feet and Deichman library just around the corner, (Deichman is a must place to visit), we watched the autumn leafs turn yellow and whisper to us goodbye. Until next time Oslo, you look awesome!


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