Good hair days with OUAI

Has anyone else discovered a new found appreciation for their amazing hairdressers during the past year?

I haven’t been to my hairdresser in over a year. I blame it on Covid but truth to be told I am very peculiar with hair. You see I only visit hairdressers once per year to get a haircut and it has to be a good one. My experience the past 3 years hasn’t been great in Oslo. The first hairdresser I visited was actually great until she spilled boiled tea on me by mistake. Yes I can feel the pain of the burn till this day. The 2nd one cut my hair uneven and the 3rd one had no idea how to correct the haircut of the 2nd one. Surprisingly enough I have visited the best hairdresser salon in Oslo where a haircut costa more than 1000 nok, and I am still wondering how it could go that wrong… Apparently in Oslo they could do everything with blond straight hair and then… there was me…

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My most favourite hairdresser has a salon in my hometown. A small town in Greece. She knows not to cut my hair too short and she is also an absolute magician with hair treatments. I haven’t been to her place in 3 years because I haven’t visited my hometown in 3 years and my hair, if they had a mouth, they would scream…

I also used to have a hairdresser when I was living in the UK and she was great. Apparently she moved out of the UK and lives in New York now. I know there are plenty of good hairdressers out there, I mean come on we are in the UK. The thing is that my hair grows soooooo slow and I do not want to take a chance again.. So until I make my market research and find the person who knows how to handle curly thin hair my focus is haircare haircare haircare.

I have started using OUAI hair oil when I was living in Copenhagen. When I saw the brand in Selfridges I emptied the shelf. Literally. Oops. One of my best friends was going on and on about OUAI’s thin hair line products.

I was out of both shampoo and treatment mask and their prices are pretty affordable (around 10£ per bottle). Its been a week now and the first 2 times my hair was not feeling it. Hopefully I remembered that it was the same with the oil in the beginning. I think the smell of the products is quite distinctive and in the beginning the texture feels weird. After 3 washes my hair feels like silk. So OUAI is going to do the work for now even though I still miss my hairdresser Agni.


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  1. Iris
    October 14, 2020 / 8:31 pm

    You are describing my Norwegian life 😂 how can they be so bad?

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