I love makeup. Makeup is expression, art, positivity, relaxation. Whatever mood I am in, when I do my makeup it is the most relaxing time of the day.

I loved painting when I was little and even though I never became a new Monet, Renoir or Michelangelo I definitely have played with colors, paints and pigments. Am I makeup and color genius? Definitely not and not even close! I just love it and it plays a relaxing role in my life. Do I wear makeup every day? No, I believe that it is important to let our face and minds breath! Do I love when I wear makeup? YES! Well that wasn’t what this blog post was all about. Rewind….

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INGLOT had some big news back in the beginning of spring. Jennifer Lopez collaboration for the launch of THE JLO collection. Let me be honest here, I looooove JLO! I mean who doesn’t?

At the same time I can be very skeptical when it comes to collaborations. Will it worth my time? I firstly visited INGLOT in ARKADEN shopping center.

I am a kind of “first I try, then I buy” kind of person.

I tried the products, I left the store, I strolled around the market and after 3 hours I looked myself in the mirror:

1. Is the product still in place?

2. How does it look like?

3. Do I like it? etc.

The range includes, lip, eye, face and nail products & shouts JLO.

Highlighters, Glosses, Contour Powders and Nudes, a LOT of NUDES!

I mean finally a not One-Size-Fits-All Nude!

I tried all of them and keep in mind that the colors that I loved was the ones that fit my face, my undertones and my esthetics.

Instead of making my own video for the range I thought to leave it up to the promo video of INGLOT, e n j o y!

I love natural looks and warm tone makeup and I found all of that and more!

The star products:

*Highlighter, Highlighter, Highlighter! Great Great Great!

*Matte lipsticks! I love matte lipsticks, especially the ones that stay in place and are not drying and these lipsticks are all the above!

*Lipgloss! I wanted to buy all of them! Maybe I will eventually! I love them by themselves, I love mixing them, I love them on the top of my matte lipstick!

*Eye Shadows! I loved the warm toned, easy to blend, high pigmentation, they are just wonderful!

* Black liquid eye liner. It is THE BEST and waterproof!

*Lip liners. Consistent and fit perfectly with the lipsticks!

The… could have been better:

*Blush and Bronzing powder. First and foremost the color range is great! However quite difficult to blent.

*Mascaras. There are so many good mascaras out there and I have so little eye lashes, it simply did not work for me.

*Nail polish. They work better in a pretty tanned skin.

END RESULT: I LOVED IT! YES I DID! An amazing range of products and I want more!


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