FIKA The Swedish social cup of coffee

Blogpost from December 2017

 Start with the basics…

On my first visits in Sweden I learned three words:

 Hej (Hello) Tack (Thank you) and Fika (???)

 When I asked my Swedish boyfriend what Fika means, he replied:

“Is just having a coffee, with something to eat with it, sit down, slow down, have coffee and cake, fika is coffee.”

“So is there something special about it?”, I asked I again.

 “Fika is coffee, there is no translation, it is what we like to do every day, take a brake and have a coffee, we Swedes love coffee”.

I wasn’t sure if I understood what Fika is back then. 5 years later I have a clear idea and I am a big fun of it myself.

Swedes and numbers!

But what is so special about Fika really? Why is such an important word for the Swedes?

Let’s start with some basic knowledge about the Swedes. Swedes love coffee. They love coffee more than the average European, American, Australian, Asian, African…. The Swedes drink 3,2 cups of coffee per day, that puts them on the 2nd place of the highest coffee consumers in the world, right after the Finnish, the biggest coffee addicts of all.

 What is really Fika?

Fika though is much more than having a coffee, it is a good reason to take a break and socialize with your friends, family, colleagues. Especially during the winter, when the days are shorter and the nights are long. Darker days, more need for coffee and that energy kick it provides!

 And what time of the day can I have Fika?

Well it can be any time during the day, morning or evening, but usually during the morning a coffee would be combined with Kanelbulle or Kardemummabulle, (traditional Swedish buns), while later on the day with Punchrulle, small logs, filled with cookie crumb, arak, butter and cocoa mix, covered in a layer of green or pink marzipan with both ends dipped in chocolate. And believe me accompany Fika with something sweet is… crucial!

More numbers…

Swedes are among the top consumers of sweets in the world, coming in the 7th place of the highest per capita consumption of …sweets.

Well I guess this is why Swed-es are so Swe-et!

 Fika rules

So if you visit Sweden any time soon, do not forget to look for the nice cozy coffee places, where you will sink into a big lounge chair and enjoy some good conversation, coffee and Kanelbulle! 


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