Exploring the Cotswolds: Cheltenham

If you like rock music I am sure you are pretty familiar with the song of The Clash “should I stay or should I go “. And that is really the question these days with everything going on.

On Saturday we woke up late but we left early. Going back and forth whether we should travel we made the sane decision to leave home (finally) and explore the Cotswolds. Staying isolated to be responsible does not mean that one cannot travel responsibly and support the businesses that have suffered unspeakable losses.

We booked an isolated hotel in the Cotswolds, packed our masks, and decided to keep our sanity, by leaving home. The ride was short but lovely.

First stop was Cheltenham for lunch. A city that nestles against The Cotswolds, is a must visit for whoever wants to unwind and enjoy beautiful walks in one of the cosiest cities in the south west part of the map. Instead of taking a lot of photos to upload here I decided to leave my phone mainly in my bag and enjoy the city.

Cheltenham has long been known as a foodie destination. Home to award-winning and Michelin starred dining, restaurants run by Masterchef finalists and some of the best eateries in the region all we needed was to pick a place.We were lucky enough to find a table for lunch in one of the most known asian places in the city. The giggling squid . Our choice was random their food was on point.

After a lot of asian tapas we tried to further explore the city. Heavy rain forced us into Milkbar. Tea and ice cream was served because sometimes we need to stick to Mediterranean traditions. And I am not referring to the tea. The ice cream was as creamy as an ice-cream can the atmosphere couldn’t get cosier.

It was still early in the day when we walked through Montpellier and Imperial Gardens. We wondered around the cosy streets and dreamt how it would be to visit again when Covid will not dictate how to live our lives.You see Cheltenham, like many British cities, is usually a buzzing place. Museums, theatres, festivals and an amazing nightlife scene. None of which one can enjoy nowadays.

As my mind wonders to times before Covid my last wish for you today is to keep your mental health, be grateful for all that you have and hopefully sooner, than later, to be able (all of us) to travel, like we used to.


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    October 27, 2020 / 5:58 pm

    Nice sharing your experiences of traveling!!! I liked it!

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