Chania Quick Guide

Okay, so my issue when I visit a place, especially when it is in Greece, it is that I have too many recommendations to share in a blog post. On the other hand I have you guys emailing me where to go and what to do when you are visiting a place I have been before and I end up writing these long emails to different people recommending where to go and what to do. So from now on I will make short Quick Guides to the places I have been with the absolute necessary without ending up writing a travel book. So this is my quick guide to Chania! Yuhu I made it!

Beaches Elafonisi, Paleochora, Balos, Kedrodasos, Falasarna, Agios Pavlos, Marathi ,Seitan, Tripiti, Glika Nera

Food To Maridaki -for fish/ Pork to Beef Wild– for THE MOST AMAZING STREET FOOD MEET /Mpougatsa Chanion– for Mpougatsa / Chrisostomos– Taverna

Cretan dishes you should not miss Ntakos, Kalitsounia, Marathopita, Skioufichta, Chochlioi, Antikristo, Kserotigana (OMG), Staka (love-hate situations)

To Do Hike through The Samariá Gorge, just make sure you avoid doing this during the summer months since it can get too hot!

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  1. Torild
    August 11, 2019 / 11:56 am

    Nice to browse through your blog on a rainy day ❤️ Where did summer go? 😭

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