Bettola for Italian cocktails

Oslo is still developing it’s cocktails scene and has long way to go compared to Stockholm and Copenhagen however you can still find cocktail places that they are A-Level and Bettola is one of them. A place that is going to satisfy the most demanding drinkers has not only good cocktails but great service and atmosphere.

Whether you want your cocktails strong, sour, sweet, bitter, stylish or well shaken Bettola in Grünerløkka is there to mix your cocktails and serve you cocktails with an Italian twist. Right in the center of the hip-district of Grünerløkka this is a perfect place to come after having dinner (or before).

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This place is all about the interior vibes and the cocktails choices. Decorated with Scandinavian furniture from the 60s and with an Italian Vibe going on ask for a classic cocktail and you will not be disappointed. If you are not the classic kind of person try their signature drinks or have a beer because why not? They also have a great selection of Gin, Bourbon, Tequila and liquors.


Do you like smoky? Their barrel-aged cocktails are going to give you the kick you have been long missing.

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Are you hungry? No problem!

And if you get hungry while drinking it is also fine. The place is next door to Trattoria Popolare and they can order some antipasti for you with a great selection of prosciutto, salami, cheese, olives and the most delicious bread ever!

Bettola, Oslo, Cocktails, Bettola Oslo, Nikolina Blogs




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