Autumn Favs: Mesh Gold, Snake print and leather boots

And as the autumn drops yellow leaves behind I have been scrolling through my camera & found these photos that were taken end of September during a beautiful sunny autumn morning in my living room. While (back then I was) waiting for my friend to arrive I decided to create some content for the blog which, well, was not very successful but you get the point. I was wearing my favourite skirt, watch and shoes.

Sometimes an outfit is more than fabric and colors, sometimes it just gives you a certain energy. Aren’t there clothes that we often wear that we feel better in and others that carry heavy hearts? I am not sure if this is the same for everyone but for me clothing and styling brings a certain energy in my day and this is why I love them so much. Six and a half weeks later I still love these pieces.¬†Nikolina Blogs, nikolinablogs, nikolina, oslo blogger, blogger, ecco

Nikolina Blogs, Ecco boots




  1. Ecco Boots (here)
  2. Zara Snakeskin print skirt (here)
  3. Cluse Minuit Mesh Gold  watch(here)

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