5 Self Care Routines That Give Me Clarity

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Life can be stressful, overwhelming, fast and beautiful all at once. Keeping in mind that things can not be perfect but a progress, a constant growth is the first step to go forward. We often confuse not having exactly what we want, or not being where we thought we should be as a failure. Life is a progress and we never stop learning and developing. Imagine you have everything that you wish for, then what? The only way to go forward is to accept whichever situation we are in, trust the process of becoming and work hard on the things we want. Action is my best friend. Of course all these are easier being said than done (at least in the beginning) and life is becoming often overwhelming. How we respond to what is happening will always determine if the glass is half full or half empty just keep in mind the glass is refillable!

I “recently” discovered that I am an empath. Being one makes things more complicated than they could be. It means that I sense other people’s pain and sadness, that I often take care of others more than I take care of myself, that I can be drained from crowds, that I need alone time to revive myself. It also means that I can also be a great “energy source” for people brightening their day, or pick up quickly if someone says one thing but means another. While in the beginning empathy felt like a curse (I mean who wants to feel others peoples feelings and pain? ours should be enough) it has become also a blessing.


I have learned to accept my empathy during the years and I am now learning how to differentiate my feelings from those of other people. Recently I found myself hurt in the same room with another hurt empath. While this could be in the past a situation that could bring me completely off balance this time I accepted both of our feelings, I let them flow and later on let them go and moved on. So yes. If you are an empath and you feel desperate at times with your and other people’s emotions my advice is take it easy, accept the feelings, work on the good sides of your empathy and then learn to let go. Loving people and understanding them is a real blessing, do not make it a prison. Make sure you set your boundaries and start your days with taking care of yourself otherwise you will end up being a car without oil running on 170km/h in the highway. You will be burned out. If you are at a burning point at the moment it’s fine. This will only teach you what to avoid or do better next time.

Coming back to taking care of yourself… Self care is essential in our days either one is an empath or not. Either you are running on work deadlines or you are trying to make ends meet we all have our worries and trigger points. Here I underline that you should not confuse self care with egoism and being self-centered. Actually self-care will lead you to the exact opposite, it will make you a better friend, partner, employee, leader, parent or sibling.

With self care I mean routines that will help you go through the days with more energy and clarity. My routines are cost free and I could do all of them at the same day or one of those per day. However busy I am I always find 30 minutes per day for self-care.

  1. Meditation. Meditation is a life savior both for mental , emotional and physical health. You can start meditation through youtube videos, apps or just the net. You can come to a point where you can practice it anywhere and it is going to transform your life.
  2. Yoga. I went to my first yoga class 10 years ago. Now I do yoga at home. I am very much of an introvert and yoga by myself helps me come in touch with my body and my spirit. IMy favourite yogi is “Yoga with Adriene “.
  3. Physical activity. Physical activity usually includes either a run in the morning, climbing a mountain or a long walk next to the water. Let’s face it. We were not build to spend half of our time at home and the other half sitting at an office. The benefits of physical activity is well known to everyone and you do not need to spend a dime on it.
  4. Eat clean/Fasting. I have to admit that I have on and off periods with eating. I simply love food but no one should love anything to the point that can make them sick. So balancing eating junk and eating healthy should be a priority for anyone who wants to live a long, healthy life.
  5. Aloneness and early mornings. Having alone time is not just important but it is essential for me to recharge and relax. Waking also up before anyone else is is also a great feeling. I have written a previous blog about aloneness, sleep and early mornings and you can read it here https://www.nikolinablogs.com/sleep-early-mornings-and-aloneness/

Do you have self-care routines? Do you think they are essential for your well being? I am looking forward to hear and read more from you!

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  1. Theodora Savreniti
    May 9, 2019 / 10:48 am

    Ξεκίνησα και εγώ αυτό το fasting.Αντε να δουμε!

    • Nikolina Blogs
      May 22, 2019 / 8:58 am

      πωσ πάει;

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